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EE_Jenny Nix Model by anniemae04 EE_Jenny Nix Model by anniemae04
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE>>> [link] <<< Read the blog post to get the full story 1st. Check out the Trail of Jenny Nix and her origin story here>
Part 1> [link]
Part 2> [link]

The texture of this picture is NOT how I want the show to be colored like, but this is a second in a series of pics based around Eddie's here> [link] . Sharks profile pic is coming up soon.

This is roughly ALL digital too. I hand drew this sketch 1st which I'll post in my blog. I didn't like how I inked the Eddie picture by hand so I inked this with my tablet. I was really upset how sloppy the lineart is too. I wish it looked a little cleaner but I fixed it up ok. I have a naturally wobbly hand.

This is my idea of how I want Jenny colored. I lightened her up too and she's still pretty dark. You can really see why Eddie would be interested in her. She never wears light cloths and she's a lot prettier when she's in a good mood. So his goal is to make her happy with herself and become a successful director...but there are problems with Jenny that Ed will never be able to fix.
DMajorBoss Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009  Professional Writer
Tis nice to see her in a colored form, but it's quite awkward to see at the same time. It wasn't until I saw this that I even thought of her in a colored form, and I find the green touch to be quite interesting of a choice.

She looks nice overall, though, the dress coming out well in a colored form; the folds make more sense, and the heels match up nicely now.

You've some nice models for this story; quite the keen history too.

Thanks for sharing, and much love and luck on your endeavors.
SpookyBurrito Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2009
I think the skin color can work and I understand the work formal look but you'd definitely want to take the opportunities to liven up her wardrobe when you could.
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